Joint law office Anton Sučić i Martina Feketić Sučić has intensive professional activity for representing Croatian and foreign clients in areas of

Property law

- Status of real estate
- Land registry procedures and entering of a real estate into the land book registries
- Drafting and preparing of various types of contracts
- Representation in the ownership and proprietary rights disputes

Enforcement law and proceedings

- Judicial and non-judicial enforcement procedures
- Drafting of the proposal for enforcement
- Forced collection of debt
- Representation in enforcement proceedings, civil proceedings and extrajudicial proceedings for debt collection

Tax law

- Legal counselling in area of tax law
- Representation in tax and customs procedures

Criminal and misdemeanour law

- Legal counselling
- Representation in the proceedings
- Initiation of criminal prosecution

Labour law

- Labour disputes
- Legal counselling in the field of labour law
- Obtaining of work permits
- Drafting and preparing of the employment contracts
- Drafting and preparing of the Rules of Procedure and other acts in the field of labour law

Commercial law

- Advising and representing of companies
- Establishment of companies and status changes
- Conducting of legal due diligence
- M & A
- Drafting and preparing of various types of contracts
- Liquidation of companies
- Investments

Construction law

- Drafting and preparing of different types of construction contracts
- Making analysis about the status of real estate
- Leasing and renting of properties
- Legal verification on profitability of investing

Administrative Law

- Representation in administrative proceedings
- Representation in administrative disputes
- Initiation of administrative proceedings
- Obtaining of administrative documents, certificates and licenses